Bhali's KeyNote

Mental Health Reset 

The pandemic has affected our mental health and the way we go about our work. From dealing with constant changes, challenges that come about with WFH, to the blurring of boundaries between work and life. As a result, the mental health of many employees is suffering. Impactful stories and psychological- proven techniques from this keynote will reset your mental health and create a better work-life balance. You will discover what burnout is and the contributing factors. You will learn how and what you can do to set boundaries and create a more balanced life. Be inspired to discover ways in which you can reset your mental health in your professional and personal life! 



Positive Psychology for Meaningful Work and Life 


What makes me happier?” is a question so many of us ask ourselves. Dealing with setbacks and challenges can be very discouraging. However, discovering how you can use positive psychology to bounce back is a skill that can be easily learned. Impactful stories and psychological-proven techniques from this keynote will enable you to cultivate positive emotions, and create a more joyful life and work experiences. You will take away a clear understanding of positive psychology, and create more optimism and positive experiences.  


About Bhali

Bhali Gill is a psychologist, professional speaker, and executive coach with over 10 years of experience in Australia and Singapore. She has worked with global organisations such as SAP, Randstad, Accenture, Abbott, and IBM. Currently, she is lecturing the psychology program at Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) and James Cook University (JCU). With a reach of over 100,000 readers, her writing has been featured in publications such as Forbes, Golf/Women, SUSScribe, and Medium.


Bhali is also the founder of Corporate Wellbeing and Conscious Unicorn, where her work and dedication to creating productive, mentally healthy, and positive workplaces for employees and organisations have come highly recommended. Her wellbeing/leadership workshops have been applauded by many employees who have testified to having developed new skills, transformed their lives, and created the resilience needed in global organisations. 

As an experienced, certified and highly skilled executive and personal coach, Bhali has enabled her clients to discover and reach their potential whilst remaining aligned to themselves. She has a broad range of coaching experience including coaching leaders to develop an effective team, thinking more strategically, and increasing emotional intelligence. She has worked with directors & C-suite leaders from various organisations such as Unilever, Nike, Standard Chartered, Airbnb, and Uber.  


Core Expertise

    Positive Psychology

    Mental Health and Wellbeing

    Conscious Living


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