Charlotte's KeyNote

"Diversity: Difficult, But Wonderful! Has gender equality gone too far? Do you understand what cis or non-binary means in today's culture? Is everyone inherently racist? In such a fragmented world, what do you believe in? Does ethnicity apply to everyone? How many sexual orientations are recognized by the law and does this represent all that exist? What does power look like? Are there diverse interpretations of the word diversity? It can sometimes feel like there are more questions about diversity than answers. In this powerful Keynote, Charlotte deftly guides the audience through these questions so they may reach a greater understanding of how to create and nurture diverse organizations.  Motivation In Minutes - Is It Possible? Based on research by Professor Deci and others, Charlotte busts motivation myths and shares the actual prerequisites for positive inner motivation. Starting from the ground-up, Charlotte also delves into what motivation is, how it works, the different types, and how motivation can differ between people. Providing many insightful takeaways, she also shares how we can increase motivation in our own lives and workplaces."

Core Expertise

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Diversity

About Charlotte

"Charlotte Signahl is a sought after speaker who courageously uses humor, love, and facts to inspire her audiences and help them recognize the available solutions they may not be able to see themselves. Throughout her 20-year speaking career, her savviness and adaptability have allowed her to lay the groundwork for long-term positive change, even in the most challenging environments rife with conflict. She has helped workplaces & organizations from Asia to Sweden increase motivation and accelerate their inclusivity goals. For the last two decades, Charlotte has also bravely addressed uncomfortable topics including the unacceptable power structures in groups, organizations, and societies. Through illustrating how these power structures affect individuals, their performance and wellbeing, participants understand them better and feel empowered."


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