Dalia's KeyNote

Dare to lead like a girl  


If you were told that you “run like a girl, would you take it as a compliment or an insult?  

This was the question asked in one of the most awarded ad campaigns (Forbes best campaigns of the decade) #AlwaysLikeAGirl, lauded for busting negative stereotypes about women.  
Now, what if you were told that you LEAD Like a Girl?  

Dalia Feldheim, a corporate consultant, who happens to be one of the thought leaders behind this iconic campaign, wants us to reclaim the phrase “Like a Girl” once again, this time in the world of leadership.  


Join Dalia as she shares her leadership journey and invites us to shift the paradigms of contemporary leadership provoking us all, men and women, to connect to our more feminine traits and dare to lead from the heart- with purpose, perseverance, people, and positivity- #Dare to Lead Like a Girl 

About Dalia

Dalia Feldheim- the founder of Flow Leadership Consultancy, draws on her own extensive corporate leadership experience and her passion for championing others, to enable organizations to promote a more authentic, happy, and psychologically safe working culture. 
Before founding Flow Leadership Consultancy, Dalia spent over two decades as a C-suite global marketing executive at Procter and Gamble where she led work on some of the world’s most iconic ad campaigns two of them being 'Tampax Mother Nature' and ’Always like a girl’ ranked Forbes most influential campaign of the decade. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjJQBjWYDTs 

Dalia holds an Executive Master's degree in Consulting and Coaching for Change from INSEAD business school (Organizational Psychology) along with a Happiness Facilitator diploma from the ‘Happiness Studies Academy’ in partnership with Miami University.  

Dalia is on a mission to share her insights and learning, successes, and struggles to help shape the new generation of leaders. She teaches ‘The Science of Happiness and Resilience’ as an Adjunct Professor at the Singapore Management University and works with the top tech companies to bring resilience and joy to work. To complement her training program, she recently founded a small startup- “Uppiness- Up your game at work”- an online game designed to help employees solve daily challenges through the use of positive psychology interventions in a fun and engaging way building skills, teamwork and growth mindset.  


She is also an ICF accredited coach, a qualified psychodynamic group therapist, and yoga and meditation trainer- including personal and group coaching and mindfulness practice in her corporate programs. Finally, Dalia is a passionate advocate of women and feminine leadership- encouraging women (and men) to lean into their feminine leadership traits and “Dare to lead (more) like a girl”. Her standing ovation Ted talk speaks to the power of this idea Dare to Lead Like a Girl 


Her book Dare to Lead like a Girl is scheduled for release in 2021 with proceeds dedicated to lead like a girl programs for underprivileged women around the world. 

Core Expertise

    Happiness and resilience at work

    Emotional bravery / managing emotions at work

    women empowerment


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