Danielle's KeyNote

Reactive to Creative Living - a new take on meditation and spirited living


Adaptability, Resilience, and Intuition are faculties that are inherent in our human system. We are designed to heal, expand and transform and most importantly to create. With an understanding of the mind/body/energy connection and an expanded perspective on tools such as meditation, modern ritual, and introspection, we can all engage in an inner metamorphosis from Reactive to Responsive, Expansive, and ultimately Creative living.


Dani takes the resurgence of mindfulness and meditation into its next evolution, beyond stress relief and mental and physical wellness, into the realms of creative, intuitive living. She draws from Jungian psychology, ancient and modern esotericism and her own experiences in the corporate world, with spiritual teachers, and her extensive work in energy healing to propose a new and refreshing perspective of the self, life, and how to tap the enormous potential that lies within each and every one of us.

About Danielle

Dani Van de Velde helps others understand and master the art of meditation, transformative inner practice, and healing through private coaching, energy sessions, courses, and tailored programs for individuals, schools, and organisations. She is a popular speaker at industry forums, a published writer, and holds regular retreats in Asia and Australia. 

Dani is a qualified meditation teacher through the Awareness Institute, Australia, a member of the Meditation Association of Australia and the International Meditation Teachers’ Association, recognising the standard of her teaching and program development.


Dani draws from techniques and wisdom of numerous world traditions, current research, and her own experience. She is a Reiki Master and a sought-after healer and spiritual mentor with an international client base. Her focus is on enabling others to understand and work with the design and function of their mind/body/energy system, to engage in the transformative inner practice for purpose-driven direction, maximum performance, self-healing, and intuitive living.  


Core Expertise


    Inner Transformation

    Conscious Living


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