Freda's KeyNote

Topics close to her heart are around Personal Branding, Sustainability, and Challenging Fixed Mindsets. As an ambassador for Women of Global Change KL, she believes that businesses are what is going to make a difference in the growth of a nation. Every change is about starting with self first and understanding life stages, being content with whatever life stage, maximizing the current time, and preparing for the future. That ensures that we are at peak performance at every stage.

Core Expertise

  • Branding
  • Success
  • Sustainability

About Freda

Vivacious persona who has lived and breathed business in the past decade with Malaysia's only business radio station and has conducted over 5000 interviews and some prominent names include Martin Cooper, author Stephen Covey, motivational speaker Nick Vijucic, former GE CEO Jack Welch, the Duke of York HRH Prince Andrew to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. At BFM, her show Enterprise provides the tools to help businesses succeed covering topics with the startup scene, personal development, technology to organizational development. While HerVantage talks about women of leadership and influence to showcase women representation in all strata of society from sports, the arts & sciences to entrepreneurship.


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