Ivy's KeyNote

Do you care so much about what others think that you let their needs go above your own?

Are you taking control of your narrative or are you letting others set the stage? 


In moments of doubt and tension, we often look inward for reassurance and blame. To get back on the right path, you need to find someone who is really invested in your success, a shareholder in that success who will give you context and correction, not just sympathy. 


Ivy shares her journey with us from her childhood in New York to her early career in the US where she questions her own worth, challenges us to look at who is setting our context in these times, and shares simple ways to take back power and redirect our thinking. 

About Ivy

Ivy is currently Head of Marketing, APAC for Hilton’s Enterprise Brand and Loyalty Program, Hilton Honors. Previously, Ivy’s experience includes a variety of insights and analytics roles with Discovery, Microsoft, and Prudential, covering the Americas, EMEA, and APAC. 

During her time with WE Communications and Nielsen, she worked with clients including Tencent, Lenovo, J&J, VISA, Citi, and American Express. Ivy grew up in Manila and New York City. Her career began in the US before she moved to Singapore in 2016. She speaks four languages and is working on her fifth. Her work has been covered by Campaign Asia, the Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Marketing Magazine, and CNET and she is on the Advisory Board for BEETc’s Martech Summit. 

Ivy is fascinated with people and has had a lifelong interest in understanding what motivates them to act. She’s forever asking why and pushing people to look below the surface. 

Core Expertise