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Audacious Goals


The traditional rules and assumptions of business are no longer valid in the circular economy. As climate change and sustainability increasingly disrupt our lives, business leaders today are confronted with some daunting choices, and companies are forced to adapt or die.   


This takes audacious goals. 


While some like Elon Musk said in the future is about intelligent machines. And others that it’s the loss of income. The biggest crisis in business is actually about sustainability. What will make our business sustainable? And as business leaders, we are increasingly also asked to show what our business is doing for sustainability. 


To do this, it’s not about the old answers. It’s about new possibilities. This is thinking like a unicorn. Blending her expertise in change leadership, governance, risk management, finance, and innovation, Joanne’s keynotes are both inspirational and practical. She’s been called a cement fist in a velvet glove. Sometimes you’ll need the velvet. And other times, it’s crystal clarity about the audacity of what is needed.  


The Audacious keynote can be adjusted to your audience: 


  • Inspirational: You as a human – navigating audaciously in these challenging, uncertain times  
  • Challenging: You as a leader – taking the tough decisions so that you can do what you need to do for your business to be sustainable 
  • Impact: You as a stakeholder in the future – what’s up in sustainable finance, impact investment, and capital in the circular economy. 

About Joanne

Twice a TEDx speaker, and founder of Audacious Sustainability, Joanne is an award-winner executive, futurist, author, and global keynote speaker. She is the author of three best-selling books on business growth and delivering results in changing times. She’s been quoted in CNA and by the Asian Banker. Her next book, Audacious Sustainability is due out in Q3’21. 


Joanne Flinn ran her first $10 million dollar business at 23, went on to lead a business for PricewaterhouseCoopers, and then became a senior executive on the IT ExCo at a major Asian bank. Today she helps clients think like unicorns for sustainable high performance as an individual, teams, and businesses.  In her work with Boards and the CSuite, it’s about cash, capital, climate, and culture.  


Joanne holds an MSc in Consulting and Coaching for Change from HÈC Paris jointly run with Saïd Business School, the University of Oxford, a BEc/LLB, and a post-graduate diploma in finance and investment.  She’s lived in Asia since 1978. And she has a thriving artistic practice as Booth Aster. 

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