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Transform the future Activating the Right A.R.C.  



Stay ahead of the Curve In the past two decades, we have seen more social & technological change than in all previous centuries combined. Exponential technologies like AI, Big Data are revolutionizing processes, workplaces, and lifestyles. This relentless change can easily disrupt confidence and organizational potential. Leveraging her experience of empowering over 250,000 executives worldwide and with many of the most iconic global corporations, Karen's keynotes spark insights that transform behavior and inspire sustainable change.


Through powerful stories and compelling content, Karen creates experiences that:  


  • Strengthen individual and organisational resilience 
  • Help people to realize the value of change and the motivation to act on it 
  • Deepen human connection, collaboration, and trust  
  • Elevate leaders who inspire and bring out the best in their team  
  • Transform results by leveraging the psychology of influence 

Organisations engage Karen as a keynote speaker to set their people up for success. With her engaging style delivered with humor and heart, Karen leaves the audience with crucial realizations that deliver real results. Engage Karen to speak on transformation, influence, and leadership to transform mindsets and impact. 

About Karen

In this disruptive, digital-first world, imagine the immense results you can achieve by thriving on the change to lead into the future. Karen Leong, a global keynote speaker on transformation, empowers people and organisations to be F.I.R.S.T. Future-Ready. Innovative. Relevant. Strategic. Trusted. A TEDx speakerTEDx coach, and Certified Speaking Professional, Karen was featured in the ten most influential professional speakers in Singapore by the Singapore Business Review. She's been named Visionary Woman Leader and global thought leader on sustainable transformation by the Business APAC magazine.  


The creator of the F.I.R.S.T. 360 leadership and influencing styles profiling tools, Karen is the author of the book - Win People Over. Karen co-founded Influence Solutions, named the most influential training company in APAC in the Corporate Excellence Awards. She's the founder of Rise Through the Ranks, a global online leadership summit with a community of thousands from over 70 countries. Karen is regularly interviewed as an influence expert in global media such as BBC World, Reuters and Channel News Asia. 

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    Change Management


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