Kavya's KeyNote

"COLLABORATION: People . Technology . Business Living in a tech-pervasive world Leading across boundaries Selling in the age of connected customers CONNECTEDNESS: Empathy . Curiosity . Responsibility Disconnecting to connect Pausing for purpose Solving for the future"

Core Expertise

  • Management
  • Sales
  • Purpose

About Kavya

Kavya keeps her passion for people, technology and business alive on a daily basis at Microsoft, a leading global technology company redefining and democratising the next digital waves. In her current capacity she orchestrates strategic alliances and partnerships between the company and leading global partners to enable and amplify technology adoption by businesses. Educated as an electrical and electronics engineer in India, Kavya currently lives in Singapore. Kavya explores collaboration at work and connectedness in life as key elements in creating meaningful solutions for personal, professional and social transformation. Kavya's keynotes are journeys where you are invited along for exploration and gentle self-inquiry Kavya considers herself a curious kid. And it is this curiosity that she taps into to get real with herself over and over again.