Khatija's KeyNote

The Power of Speaking Up 


In a world where change often hinges on the ability to voice one's thoughts and ideas, Khatija, unveils the transformative potential of speaking up. Through engaging anecdotes and practical insights, she demonstrates how finding your voice can catalyse career progression. Drawing from personal experience and extensive research, she shines a light on the ways individuals can harness the power of effective communication to navigate challenges, inspire action, and drive their careers forward. 

In an era where diversity, equity, and inclusion are paramount, Khatija delves into the significance of speaking up not only for personal growth but also for fostering inclusive workplaces. By attending this keynote, you'll gain actionable strategies to overcome obstacles, advocate for yourself and others, and embark on a journey toward personal and professional advancement. Join her for an inspiring session that will leave you empowered to use your voice as a force for progress.

About Khatija

Khatija, embarked on her journey studying Industrial Design at NUS, where her passion for transforming insights into actionable outcomes was ignited. With over a decade of professional experience, she has made significant contributions to renowned companies like Unilever, working on billion-dollar brands such as Knorr, Wall's, and Lifebuoy and most recently at Zespri. 

Inspired by her own experience and the stories of career-driven women, she founded Moxy in early 2023. Moxy ( is an anonymous and independent platform that has captured the voices of women across 100+ companies. It identifies gaps across key areas of inclusion, enabling companies to make tangible progress towards retaining female talent in their pipeline. 


Khatija has showcased her commitment to promoting workplace inclusivity through impactful speaking engagements at Lean In network events, and with companies like LinkedIn, Zespri, and Prudential. Her insights not only offer valuable knowledge but also spark crucial conversations, contributing to the broader discourse on empowering women in professional settings. 

As a mother of two daughters, Khatija is deeply committed to creating a world where more women can reach leadership positions and don't have to choose between work and life anymore. 


Core Expertise

    Women in the Workplace




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