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BRAVE LEADERS BUILD A CULTURE OF COURAGE Creating a culture that unlocks passion, creativity and courage People play it safe when they perceive a threat. Creating a culture of courage in which people feel safe to challenge old thinking and experiment with new ideas, is therefore essential to organizational success in today's increasingly uncertain, cautious and competitive world. Drawing on the latest research and insights from global leaders, Margie will share practical frameworks and strategies to unlock potential. Make better decisions amid ambiguity and uncertainty Counter the fear-based biases that undermine change initiatives, inhibit crucial conversations and stifle creativity, innovation and engagement Better harness diversity of thinking and foster unconscious inclusion Create the psychological safety needed embolden self-leadership Foster braver conversations at every level Engage people around a compelling Why Nurture the risk-ready mindset that nurtures intrapreneurship and teaches people to fail forwards.

About Margie

"Margie empowers leaders with the mindset, skills, and strategies to make better decisions and engage in braver conversations to create stronger outcomes for their organizations, communities and beyond. As a speaker, facilitator, leadership coach, bestselling author and CEO of Global Courage, Margie draws on her background in Fortune 500 business, positive psychology and diverse global experience to run leadership programs internationally with organizations such as NASA, Accenture, and many more. Margie also guest lectured at Columbia, Georgetown and Monash universities and often shared her expertise with leading media outlets like the Wall Street Journal, Sky News, CNN, Fox News, Today Show, and Al Jazeera. Her work has given the opportunity to collaborate with and interview many global leaders including Sir Richard Branson, hotelier Bill Marriott, Australian Prime Minister John Howard, Nobel Laureate Jodie Williams, and many others. Growing up on a small dairy farm in rural Australia. Margie learned about the power of resilience, courage and embracing discomfort as a prerequisite for success. This experience has ignited a passion for supporting women to be bolder change-makers and strengthening the representation of female leaders at decision-making tables in all spheres. In 2015, Margie was made an honoree of the Women's Economic Forum and appointed Ambassador for Women in Global Business."

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