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Authentic Leadership 


In today's world of unprecedented uncertainty and volatility, new challenges continuously arise. We've navigated pandemics, faced escalating geopolitical tensions, and endured persistent supply chain disruptions. 


How can we lead effectively in such a complex and dynamic environment? How can we adapt to shifting realities and inspire others to follow, whatever will be next? 


Traditional leadership models no longer suffice. Conventional leadership advice falls short in our reshaped world order. Instead, we need a new approach to leadership, one that is rooted in authenticity and purpose. This approach empowers us to be our true selves and lead from within by providing a guiding light, a North Star, that reflects our core values, purpose, and vision. 


Authentic leadership sets companies up for a more engaged and productive workforce by promoting a positive work environment. Also, leaders who embody authenticity are better equipped to maintain a focus on the vision and inspire, ensuring team commitment toward long-term strategic goals. 


In this talk, Mette will share the principles and practices of authentic leadership and how they can help you navigate any situation with confidence and grace. She will guide you in discovering your own North Star and using it as a reference point for your decisions and actions. You will hear examples of authentic leaders who have overcome adversity and achieved remarkable results by following their North Star. 


Engage with Mette for a fresh perspective that challenges conventional leadership models. Her insights will motivate you to reshape your leadership style, reflect your unique abilities and principles, and set both you and your company on a course for success.

About Mette

Mette Johansson (MBA, CSP, PCC) is a highly awarded author, speaker, and consultant. With 15 years of leadership experience in multinational corporations, Mette founded MetaMind, a consultancy specializing in culture and leadership transformation. 

Mette is an internationally recognized speaker on Authentic, Inspirational, and Inclusive Leadership. She has delivered keynotes at global conferences, corporations, and business schools. Her clients include Citibank, Airbnb, Microsoft, UPS, Pfizer, and CapitaLand. Her accolades include the AmCham HERo Award, the Asia Women Icon Award, the Golden Door – REX Karmaveer Medal, and APAC Insider’s Best Leadership Development Company 2020 and 2022. 

Mette’s speaking approach is known for its unique perspectives, interactivity, and encouragement of self-reflection that captivate audiences. She motivates them to improve their leadership through engaging and insightful content. 

As an author, co-author, and project manager of five books, including several Amazon bestsellers, Mette’s latest work, "Narratives: The Stories That Hold Women Back at Work," is published by Penguin Random House. As the founder of KeyNote – Women Speakers’ Directory, Mette is a passionate advocate for diversity on speaking stages worldwide. She has been featured in leading Singaporean media, including Harper's Bazaar, 938 Channel News Asia, and The Straits Times. 

Born in Denmark, Mette is a global citizen who has lived in a dozen countries and speaks four languages fluently. She currently divides her time between Dubai, Singapore, and Europe.

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