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Unmask the Leader Within

– Lead with Authenticity 


"Authenticity" is on every executive coach’s lips. But what is authenticity? Being real, being genuine, being you?  
In her talk, Mette takes the audience on a journey to provide clarity to what it means to be authentic. She explores the challenges of how to be ourselves and discusses whether we have to show up as our entire selves at all times. To be authentic, we must start by knowing ourselves. Mette argues that it’s about knowing our strengths and weaknessesknowing what energizes us and what drains us; and, the awareness about the core of being ourselves: knowing our values and passion. 
The power of knowing ourselves and being authentic is real. 
When we consistently show up as ourselves, we strengthen the foundation on which all human and business relations are built: trust. When we know our values, we will ignite our passion. This passion allows us to accomplish extraordinary things. When we are true to our values and accomplish extraordinary things, we inspire others with similar value systems. We become true leaders: those, who are followed not because of wealth, title, or position; but because we’re inspired to follow them.  
Let Mette inspire you to unmask your authentic you! 



About Mette

Mette Johansson (MBA, CSP, PCC) is a highly awarded author, speaker, and consultant. She worked in leadership roles for multinational corporations for 15 years before founding MetaMind, a training consultancy providing consulting and learning programmes on the people's side of leadership skills.


Mette has spoken internationally on Authentic, Inspirational, and Inclusive Leadership at a wide variety of global conferences, corporations, and business schools. Her clients include Citibank, Airbnb, Microsoft, UPS, Pfizer, Capitaland, and many more. Awards for her activities include the AmCham HERo award, the Asia Women Icon Award, the Golden Door – REX Karmaveer Medal, and APAC insider’s “Best Leadership Development Company 2020”.

Mette is also the founder and relentless driver of the non-profit KeyNote – Women Speakers’ directory, with a mission to bring diversity to speaking stages around the world. She is regularly featured in media in Singapore, from Harper's Bazaar to Straits Times.


Having lived in 10 countries outside her birthplace, Denmark, Mette is a global citizen who speaks fluently in four languages and currently calls Singapore home.


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