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Rebecca Cafiero is a former corporate executive for a publicly-traded company turned speaker, podcaster, writer, and entrepreneur. Years of achieving goals as a high performer, but never feeling satisfied lead her to soul dive and create the BE formula to create a life she’s in love withShe’s passionate about sharing her message and empowering others to have clarity in designing a life they love, both personally and professionally. 


Many high performers are masters at checking to-have’s and to-dos off your list, but never can quite grasp the FEELING of happiness they expect. You think “When I have THIS…. Then I can do THAT…. and I’ll finally be THIS! 


Rebecca’s “Be Formula” is a way to answer the question: What do you REALLY want? 


How do you want to BE? How do I take focused action? How do I know I’m on the right path? What do I want OUT of this life? 


Rebecca will assist you to stop fantasizing about your dream life and understand the cycle of empty achievement, burnout and overwhelm that comes with it.  You’ll receive the clarity to know where you’re going and why, as well as the energetic compass to navigate through any challenge or obstacle. 

About Rebecca

Rebecca Cafiero is a TEDx Speaker and the Founder of Brand Camp Retreats and Elevate Your Life Project. She is the host of the Becoming You Podcast. After directing sales and marketing strategies for Fortune 500 companies and managing more than $1Billion in sales, Rebecca followed her heart to become an entrepreneur and speaker. She's married her extensive background in business, branding and sales strategy with her passion of empowering women to be their best, while designing a life + business they love.  


Rebecca has mentored numerous women to attain a six-figure or more yearly income through social and online marketing and empowered hundreds more to start their own business. Rebecca speaks about strength in vulnerability, growing your income through impact, personal branding, sales and content creation. She has been featured on Reader's Digest, Women's Health Magazine, US News & World Report, Realtor Magazine, Brit + Co and over 25 podcasts and publications. 

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