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Unconscious Bias Talk We absorb bias the same way we take in air - involuntarily and unconsciously. Biases run very deep in the human psyche, and its impact on decision-making is what is commonly known as heuristics, or more colloquially referred to as intuitive mode. Some research claims that we spend upwards of 95% of our waking hours in intuitive mode, where all decisions are made in split seconds using "short-cuts" in reasoning processes. What we then do is find evidence to support these split-second decisions via what we believe is an objective reasoning process. And heuristics are very susceptible to biases! In other words, we are far more robotic that we would like to believe, in that who we are, what we do, and how we do it are largely dictated by the intuitive mode! Unconscious Bias is essentially habituated decision making patterns premised on unquestioned assumptions. While habits are an evolutionary necessity, we run into trouble when we mistake habits for "natural" and assume that it is immutable. The trick is not to be bias-free, because that is impossible, but rather to become aware and leverage the power of cognitive habits. Becoming aware of our own biases takes great intention and cognitive energy. Mastering our biases takes deliberate attention and practice. Why does it matter? Because conscious individuals together create conscious organizations that amplify opportunities for diversity and inclusion. From recruitment to onboarding to assessment to development, the more capable we become in identifying our biases and helping others identify theirs, the more able we become in connecting with "who" we are as unique human beings rather than "what" we are as represented by our titles. Weaving academic research with anecdotes from the trenches, this experiential talk introduces you to the major forms of everyday unconscious biases, its impact on decision-making in the workplace, and shares practical tips to mastering these biases.

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Profound. Insightful. Enthralling. After an eclectic corporate and public sector career, Roslina cut her teeth as an entrepreneur when she co-founded a private equity firm in Shanghai, the first of seven companies in racing technology, F&B, design, education technology, capacity building, and executive education. Through it all, Roslina experienced first-hand the centrality of authentic conversations in breathing life into strategy, the stronghold emotions have on decision-making, and how fundamental an innovative mindset is to surviving the early days of a new business. Drawing on these experiences, Roslina's ability to slice through to the core of matters and beings alike, while possessing a benevolence that disarms those in her space have benefited clients such as AIA, Domus Academy, IESE, Il Gigante, Orbotech, PTP, Sentosa, Singtel, and SMU. As a speaker, Roslina is acclaimed for her ability to weave complex thoughts into simple, evocative stories that: simultaneously invokes an inner experience, as well as an expanding one, and delivering it in a way that creates a vulnerable and serene atmosphere. Roslina holds three degrees in law, arts, and commerce from the University of Canterbury, and is currently completing a doctorate with Ecole des Ponts researching the intersection of innovation, authenticity, and conversations

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