Dr Sarah's KeyNote

We all bring our emotions to work; we don't leave them at the door. Despite this fact, people try to focus solely on logical or rational thinking—especially at work—and do their very best to push either their own emotions to one side, other people’s emotions to one side, or both.


Emotional safety is about paying attention to our own and others’ emotional well-being, understanding how emotions impact our interactions and performance, and ensuring people feel safe to be open, honest, and vulnerable.


In this keynote, Dr Sarah shares her insights into how you can begin to develop emotional safety in your workplace and start to see significant improvements in your results as an individual, a team, or organisation. Through understanding our experience of tough emotions, how we navigate through challenging feelings, and the way we respond to other people’s difficult emotions, the audience will start to realise the value of bringing those tough emotions to work. Increasing emotional safety at work creates a more supporting work culture with a number of benefits for everyone, including increased resilience and quicker recovery from, lower stress levels, increased employee engagement, and improved performance and productivity.


Dr Sarah Whyte delivers interactive, relatable, and transformational insights into how you can start to build emotional safety in your workplace today

About Dr Sarah

Dr Sarah Whyte has a doctorate in emotional intelligence, for which she created an emotional intelligence intervention for change and gained the specialist skills to create new knowledge and become an expert in her field. She remains a massive research geek, updating her knowledge with emotion, psychology, and neuroscience research.


With more than twenty years experience of supporting thousands of people with tough emotions, first as a teacher and then as a speaker and facilitator, she now works with leaders and teams in high-pressure environments which expect peak performance. Dr Sarah helps people understand the power of emotion in building psychological safety. Through relatable stories which distill complex research into simple but powerful takeaways, she supports people to boost their performance, productivity, and communication. 

Core Expertise

    Psychological safety through emotions

    Emotional Safety

    Resilience & well-being


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