Dr Sarah's KeyNote

Have you ever wondered why some people find it more difficult to cope with stress and challenge than others? Resilience is one factor that makes a big difference. 


Resilience has always been important but since we found ourselves dealing with a pandemic, so many people are facing new challenges. Enhancing our resilience is now even more vital. Challenges like working from home, which can make the working day very long and blurs the home-work boundary for many people. Challenges like our loss of in-person social connection and the negative impact of this on our collective mental health. Challenges like split families living in different countries or continents indefinitely. 


People who successfully navigate through challenges and difficulties tend to have higher resilience. Resilience helps us consciously and compassionately move through adversity and is a key component of good mental health and wellbeing. In her keynote, Sarah distills the neuroscience of emotions to share how her audience can increase their own resilience by engaging their emotions. Sarah offers realistic, proactive strategies which can be applied immediately to boost emotional resilience without adding a lot of extra work to our daily lives.  

About Dr Sarah

Dr Sarah Whyte is an experienced global speaker, facilitator, and ICF coach. Through in-person and virtual speaking engagements, she helps businesses and leaders to support their people to enhance their emotional resilience and well-being. Drawing from her background in education and her doctorate in emotional intelligence, Sarah shares practical, science-backed strategies to boost resilience which are firmly rooted in the way our brains work.  


Sarah’s warm, engaging approach inspires audiences to truly understand how resilience makes a positive difference to ourselves, our personal and professional relationships, and our communication with others, increasing productivity, performance, and business outcomes. 


Originally from the United Kingdom, Sarah now calls Singapore home. When she’s not working, she spends most of her time running around after her two young daughters and getting as much sleep as possible.  

Core Expertise


    Emotional well-being

    Relocation well-being