Shen's KeyNote

"The Future of Food and Agriculture" Shen speaks about harnessing the power of science and technology to transform our global food systems. With knowledge of breakthrough innovations across the entire food chain (including smart agriculture, novel farming systems, genomics, cellular agriculture, and food waste technology), Shen’s unique insights reveal how tech innovations can increase food production—both quantitatively and qualitatively—in an increasingly resource-scarce future. By revealing how technological advances help us re-imagine our food system, Shen gives her audiences hope that the future of nourishing the world is a sustainable, inclusive, and delicious one. "Pursuing Passion with Purpose" What does it mean to lead a fulfilling and passionate life? How do you build your own path, instead of following a set one? How do you navigate school and work and stand out? Shen Ming Lee, a 21-year-old author, student, and entrepreneur, shares her journey of pursuing a passion, her key lessons on happiness and hustling, and how she navigates school and work. As a young person navigating the sometimes confusing and complex world we live in, she speaks about re-defining and rejecting a broken definition of success in today’s society. Ultimately, Shen hopes to inspire others to pursue their passions with purpose and to be their most authentic selves."

Core Expertise

  • Purpose
  • Success
  • Innovation

About Shen

Shen Lee is the author of Hungry for Disruption: How Tech Innovations Will Nourish 10 Billion by 2050 (A #1 New Release on Amazon) and associate at Thought For Food, a next-gen innovation engine for food and agriculture. She is also the founder of Fresco Foods, a social food venture. Through her work, she empowers and supports agri-food innovators, tackles pressing food issues, and advocates for tech innovations in a better food future. Ultimately, she helps build and support a more sustainable, inclusive, and nutritious food system. A lover of all things gastronomy, Shen went to the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration to pursue her undergraduate studies. She grew up in Malaysia and previously lived in Singapore. In Singapore, she started Fresco Supper Club, a social mission-driven restaurant, and spoke about her experiences with entrepreneurship and innovation in her TEDx Talk. In her free time, Shen loves to cook, go to farmer's markets, spin, and box. Learn more about Shen’s work at


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