Sohee's KeyNote

Did you know that 75% of workers report to middle managers, but these managers receive little training in leadership? Most people are promoted because of their skill in their field, not their skill with people. So, it’s no wonder that leaders at this level struggle to build their confidence and manage competing priorities. Sohee Jun understands these struggles because she has gone through them herself and has coached others through them. She will show people how to win the inner game of confidence, so they are empowered to prioritize their success and reach their potential at work every day. 

In addition to building our confidence in the workplace, there is a misconception in life that we can have it all with a little time management: a great career, a loving family, good health, and a vibrant social life. Chasing an elusive balance between different areas of your life will only result in stress, burnout, and unhappiness. With Dr. Sohee Jun's extensive experience in coaching others and navigating her own way through the corporate world, audiences will learn to tap into their inner core, find their authentic selves, and live the life that is unique to them.

About Sohee

Dr. Sohee Jun is a top leadership coach, keynote speaker, leadership development expert, Amazon best-selling author, and member of the Forbes Coaches Council. As founder and CEO of SJ Consulting, LLC, she works with emerging leaders and executives to unleash their untapped power for themselves and their teams. Dr. Jun holds a Ph.D. and Master’s in Organizational Psychology and multiple leadership certifications.

Core Expertise

    Women in Leadership

    Understand the Inner Critic

    Debunking the Work-life Balance