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Be a SuperStar Communicator: Be Seen, Be Heard, Make an Impact.


Do you want to have more impact in business meetings? Do you want to demonstrate credibility and influence when presenting ideas?


Using her own communications model, Superstar Communicator™, Susan inspires, empowers, and motivates the audience to step up, speak up and communicate in a powerful way. Find out:


  • The best structure for maximum impact 
  • How to engage your audience   
  • How to create charisma and presence   
  • Top tips for managing nerves when speaking

In this highly interactive talk, the audience will have the opportunity to participate and try out new skills which can be applied in the workplace. 


Manage your fear and show up with confidence


Do you get nervous before presenting or avoid public speaking? Are you missing out on demonstrating how awesome you are because you avoid speaking up?  

With extensive experience from performing on stage as an opera singer and a good understanding of neuroscience, Susan is able to break down the elements of fear.  Using her own real-life stories and tips from the theatre stage, she delivers entertaining and practical ways for you to step up and be the best version of yourself while pushing away the fear that often overcomes us.


The audience will discover techniques for managing fear, including how to understand what’s happening when we get nervous and how to recognise those situations. The audience will leave the session with the skills to take charge of their fear and present a more confident self.


About Susan

Susan Heaton-Wright is a Virtual impact, communications, and speaking expert for rising leaders and the creator of the Superstar Communicator™ methodology.  

A quiet, anxious school girl, she conquered her nerves to become an international opera singer, a keynote speaker, and is now a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association UK. She says, “If I can speak, anyone can!”.


Susan inspires everyone to make a positive impact in business conversations by being concise, influential, confident, and credible. A multi-award-winning businesswoman, in 2020 she was named in the IALSO 100 Top Female Entrepreneurs in the UK. A Podcast host herself for many years, she is regularly interviewed on BBC Radio, local radio stations and for international podcasts.


Susan has delivered seminars, workshops, and training at numerous companies and institutions including; Durham University, LSE, Penn University Alumnae, Pfizer, I.H.S. Deloitte, Invesco, and Hewlett Packard Enterprises. Her audiences are worldwide and she has presented online to attendees from more than 90 countries.

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