Uma Rudd's KeyNote

"YOU ARE MORE THAN YOUR JOB TITLE," Elon Musk says in the future, human jobs will be taken over by intelligent machines. But a loss of income won't be humanity's biggest problem. We will be faced with an existential crisis where we lose our sense of value and worth because most people derive their purpose from their occupation. This keynote helps you find your purpose in life beyond your occupation. It helps you discover all of who you are and how you can proudly, completely, and boldly bring this to any table you take a seat at, in its fullness to influence the world you live in as you maintain your focal point and remember who you are and why you are here.

Core Expertise

  • Branding
  • Innovation
  • Creativity

About Uma Rudd

Uma is an award-winning creative director, futurist, author, and a global keynote speaker on creative equity, innovation, technology, and artificial intelligence, female leadership, and social change. She's delivered over 75 keynotes in 11 countries to over 150,000 people in the last six years at events organised by Facebook, Google, Forrester, I’ll Be Back South West, Pause Fest, and the Melbourne Smart City Summit, to name a few. Hey high energy, inspiring style touches the hearts of her audience in an authentic and vulnerable way. Uma hopes to empower people all over the world to live their lives in a purpose-driven way. She has been interviewed in magazines, on radio shows, CNA, Straits Times, podcasts, and live social media broadcasts. Uma has her own YouTube vlog called Future from Fiction where she discusses technologies inspired by books and movies. With an M.A. in Digital Media Management & Technology from Hyper Island, Uma is raising her two children to become little makers, bold and opinionated. 10 THINGS BRANDS COULD DO TO SURVIVE A PANDEMIC. Written at the start of the Covid-19 crisis, and rejected by Amazon 3 times, this book became a Kindle bestseller within 24-hours of getting published. Not only does it guide brands on how they can turn a crisis into an opportunity, but it also provides real-life examples of world-class brands that have done it right. And how your brand can apply similar principles to rise above the economic situation and win. It’s a book of practical hope for brands, in a time of uncertainty. Available at US$5 on Amazon Kindle stores.


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