Yasmine's KeyNote

Stories that create trust increase sales in 10 years, 40% of today's Fortune 500 companies on the S&P 500 will no longer exist. With increasing disruption, new technology, and the low-cost barrier into many industries; the common challenge is that people are resistant to change and how to communicate this shift. In today's world, 84% of millennials don't trust traditional advertising, yet sales growth remains a byproduct of creating experiences that increase trust.  


In the heart of the keynote, Yasmine will dive into the innovative ways we can integrate more storytelling in our sales process in order to reach out to new segments, allowing for opportunities for stories to be told beyond just attracting new customers but transforming current customers into brand ambassadors. After her studies in psychology and integrated marketing communication at the American University of Cairo, and a scholarship recipient of IE Business School for the Masters in International Business. Yasmine is a renowned TEDx & Keynote Speaker and recently. Yasmine has spoken at DBS, Essilor, ClubMed and more on how to innovate and evolve into creating stories that sell. 

About Yasmine

Yasmine is on a mission to develop trustworthy leaders in hopes that we transform the global trust crisis and accelerate the speed of problem-solving. An adventurer, storyteller, B Corp Ambassador, podcast host and producer of Asia's first documentary series around climate change. People buy from people they know, like and trust.  


Backed with 14 years of experience in psychology, communication, and mixed heritage, Yasmine has helped Danone craft the story to launch the first 100% circular bottle and enabled ClubMed employees to amplify their story. Focusing on building trust, her Sales Story Labs enable leaders to have greater influence, visibility, and impact on their business. During her show, the Sales Story Podcast, she interviews CEOs from across Asia on how they utilized storytelling to sell ideas, raise funds, and inspire teams to scale their business.  


An adventurer, Yasmine has embarked on an Arctic expedition, cycled, and hiked through some of the world's toughest mountain terrains. She is currently working on raising funds to produce a documentary with UNDP and the World Bank to feature new Asian sustainable innovations. She is passionate about more inclusive conversations and is a certified interfaith facilitator that helps leaders in education be more innovative. Her program, Panels that Inspire, instills women leaders with confidence to increase female representation on industry panel. 

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