Our Top Ten Mental Health Speakers

May is Mental Health Awareness Month – it is a time to raise awareness of mental health and well-being. Mental health is wealth, the stigma around mental health and treatment has long existed, even though this has started to change in recent times. Here are our Top Ten Mental Health Speakers for 2022.

They deliver powerful speeches, raising awareness and educating people on how to cope with mental health and the best way to overcome it.

Lissy Puno

Lissy Puno Mental Health Speaker Image

Lissy draws from over 27 years as a counseling psychologist to present a deeper understanding of the factors that determine emotional wellness. Pointing out that the pressures of today’s fast-paced, multi-tasking lifestyle act as mental health stressors, she demonstrates how understanding these stressors is key to maintaining emotional regulation and preventing psychological distress from setting in. She offers strategies for emotional wellness that are preventive, educational as well as curative in nature. 

Lissy focuses her practice on promoting emotional wellness. In her 27 years as a counseling psychologist, she has helped children, teens, couples, and families achieve emotional and psychological wellbeing. Not surprisingly, she has been sought after as a professional speaker across the region – delivering live talks and presentations, facilitating wellness workshops, and appearing on television, print, and radio. 

Natalia Rachel

Natalia Rachel Mental Health Speaker Image

Natalia Rachel shares her voice to begin to remedy the world’s state of hustle, trauma, disconnect, and disrespect. Her insights into the human condition and our profound need for healing, self-compassion, empathy, and belonging, inspire audiences to awaken their hearts, illuminate their patterns and step forward towards self-care and relational repair.

Natalia Rachel brings an amalgamation of knowledge from years working as a therapist and clinic director with a focus on trauma & abuse recovery, as well as her own personal journey recovering from mental health misdiagnosis and physical health conditions that stemmed from childhood trauma. She is a proud recipient of the Women Icons Asia Award (emerging entrepreneur) for social impact in the domain of trauma-informed culture transformation & self-mastery education.

Dr. Karine Lespinasse

Dr.Karine Lespinasse Mental Health Speaker Image

In a global context of increased anxiety, Karine brings awareness and solutions on how to release our daily stress intake. “People who laugh together, work together”, said British comedian John Cleese. Trained in well-being techniques such as laughter exercises, meditation, and stress cleansing, Karine’s holistic approach helps reduce physical, mental and emotional stress over a short period of time (just 20 mins) for audiences aged 5 – 105 years old.

Trained by Laughter Yoga founder, Dr. Kataria, Karine also has ten years of experience in laughter therapy and healing, working with children and adults across Asia, the USA, and France. After experiencing challenging times with high stress in her life, Laughter Yoga and Reiki paved the way for her recovery and ultimate well-being. 

Dr Sarah Whyte

Dr.Sarah Whyte Mental Health Speaker Image

Dr Sarah Whyte is an experienced global speaker, facilitator, and ICF coach. Through in-person and virtual speaking engagements, she helps businesses and leaders to support their people to enhance their emotional resilience and well-being. Drawing from her background in education and her doctorate in emotional intelligence, Sarah shares practical, science-backed strategies to boost resilience which are firmly rooted in the way our brains work.  

Sarah’s warm, engaging approach inspires audiences to truly understand how resilience makes a positive difference to ourselves, our personal and professional relationships, and our communication with others, increasing productivity, performance, and business outcomes. 

Dalia Feldheim

Dalia Feldheim Mental Health Speaker Image

Dalia Feldheim- the founder of Flow Leadership Consultancy, draws on her own extensive corporate leadership experience and her passion for championing others, to enable organizations to promote a more authentic, happy, and psychologically safe working culture. 

She is also an ICF accredited coach, a qualified psychodynamic group therapist, and yoga and meditation trainer- including personal and group coaching and mindfulness practice in her corporate programs. Finally, Dalia is a passionate advocate of women and feminine leadership- encouraging women (and men) to lean into their feminine leadership traits and “Dare to lead (more) like a girl”. Her standing ovation Ted talk speaks to the power of this idea Dare to Lead Like a Girl.

Aarathi Arumugam

Aarathi Arumugam Mental Health Speaker Image

Aarathi is an entrepreneur and mother, passionate about being in business and connecting communities through causes close to her heart.

Being resilient in the face of challenges that are out of your control is tough. Coupled with the pressures in the workplace and society around speaking up about these challenges, keeping hope and joy alive is an uphill climb. Drawing on her journey into motherhood via IVF, Aarathi talks frankly about the real experience from a patient’s point of view, about holding space for those around you to help them find the courage to speak up.  

While finding the strength to forge ahead and thrive is a personal journey, Aarathi helps you see the clearing through the rain and seamlessly applies these thoughts to the broader corporate journey. Come listen, and be reminded that the human spirit is stronger than you think it is.

Dr. Amy Silver

Dr.Amy Silver Mental Health Speaker Image

Dr. Amy is a psychologist, speaker, and facilitator with expertise in the management of emotions and communication for high performance at work. Amy’s work helps teams build psychological safety, trust, and courage to enable connected organisations with remarkable performance. She has decades of experience helping people to have more courage and have courageous conversations safely.

Managing our emotions, behaviours, and thoughts is key for not only high performance but for our health and safety at work. Amy will present her 6-stage evidence-based model to show us how to manage ourselves effectively. She will show us the practical tools and techniques to become masters of your well being even when we are out of control of our environment.

The ultimate goal is to help you manage your thoughts and emotions, so they don’t manage you! Creating psychological safety mindsets is essential for us to manage ourselves effectively as individuals and as collectives at work. We improve our communication, courage, and trust.

Ivana Fertitta

Dr. Ivana Fertitta Mental Health Speaker Image

Ivana Fertitta is an Italian Psychologist, Facilitator, Emcee, and Keynote Speaker. With over 20 years of experience in Community Psychology, Business Management, and training, she brings a unique set of skills to each of her talks. She has helped many corporate clients increase engagement, manage stress, develop resilience, and face change positively.

Ivana speaks about personal well-being including resilience, mindfulness, humour, and happiness. She is also able to deftly navigate well-being in the workplace and covers stress management, work-life balance, emotional intelligence, and employee engagement in her talks. She has a warm and energetic personality and connects with her audience in an authentic, engaging, and fun way. In her spare time, she is leading the highly sought-after Public Speaking Training Programme with Keynote Women Speakers and she is committed to the mission of bringing more diversity to the speaking stages of the world.

Bhali Gill

Bhali Gill Mental Health Speaker Image

Bhali Gill is a psychologist, professional speaker, and executive coach with over 10 years of experience in Australia and Singapore. She has worked with global organisations such as SAP, Randstad, Accenture, Abbott, and IBM.

The pandemic has affected our mental health and the way we go about our work. From dealing with constant changes, challenges that come about with WFH, to the blurring of boundaries between work and life. As a result, the mental health of many employees is suffering. Impactful stories and psychological- proven techniques from this keynote will reset your mental health and create a better work-life balance.You will discover what burnout is and the contributing factors. You will learn how and what you can do to set boundaries and create a more balanced life. Be inspired to discover ways in which you can reset your mental health in your professional and personal life!

Karen Schofield

Karen Schofield Mental Health Speaker Image

Karen is an award-winning speaker and consultant, who’s spent 18 years specializing in consumer insight and behavior change, developing innovative approaches to understand the psychology of why we behave the way we do and how to influence it. Her interest in resilience and happiness is as much personal as professional. After being suddenly and tragically widowed in her early 30s, she relocated to Singapore where she set up and managed a successful business for a UK-based insights company.

Drawing on her own personal and sometimes tragic experiences to bring the theories to life, she shows us practical, as well as humorous ways to influence our own mindsets and behaviors to get through even the toughest of times. Karen brings a combination of energy, passion, emotion, and fun to help you create positive changes, develop better habits, and be more resilient, whatever challenges life throws at you.

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